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Quickstart Guide

Include the right using statement for the container you wish to use.

using MoqContrib.AutoMock.Castle;

Then create a container and use it

var container = new AutoMockContainer();

// the ShoppingCart class takes an IFinanceSystem as a dependency in the constructor
container.Mock.Of<IFinanceSystem>().SetupGet(x => x.IsNewCustomer).Returns(false);

// Build the shoppingCart (Subject Under Test or SUT) with all dependencies injected as mocks
var shoppingCart = container.Mock.CreateSut<ShoppingCart>();

// generate a mock. The container holds a reference to it, so you don't have to

// now the method we're testing

// Time for verifications
container.Mock.Of<SaleItem>().VerifyGet(x => x.Price);

// ShoppingCart also has a dependency on IShippingSystem that was mocked
// when we created the SUT. It didn't require setups, but we want to verify something.
container.Mock.Of<IShippingSystem>().Verify(x => x.SendShipment(It.IsAny<Address>()));

The container interface

MoqContrib ships with AutoMocking IoC containers for Castle and Autofac (and more to come soon). The AutoMockContainer extends the container that you would normally use.

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