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Community contributions to Moq.

AutoMocking containers

An automocking container is an Inversion of Control (IoC) container that has the full ability to resolve dependencies and will automatically generate mocks where needed. Our collection of automocking containers are designed to act exactly like the containers they override. You can use the container to mock everything (unit testing) or selectively mock components (integration testing).

If your project already uses Castle.Windsor, please use our Castle automocking container. If your project uses Autofac, please use our Autofac automocking container. And if you use something else, we have another container that implements the Common Service Locator that lacks the ability to do integration testing. In time we hope to support a growing list of containers, listed below. See the Quickstart Guide to learn how to use the container.


as demanded
  • Common Service Locator integration (see discussion)
  • Ninject
  • Linfu
  • StructureMap
  • Unity
  • MEF

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